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Anchorman NZ & Railblaza

Sea-doo Explorer Nav Light Kit

Sea-doo Explorer Nav Light Kit

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Nav Light kit for your Sea-doo Explorer PWC!

Hit the water before the sun comes up! *

- 1 x Custom Explorer mount with Railblaza fitting. Fits in seconds to your ski and won't damage your watercraft.

- 1 x Railblaza Red/Green front light

- 1 x Railblaza All-round White Light

Simply add 1 to 1.5m of PVC pipe and pipe adapters and you are ready to go out before the sun rises!

* Please check your state regulations as not all locations allow usage of nav lights on PWCs. Batteries not included. Please note that this mount is not recommended for the use of heavier accessories or extended camera poles.

PVC-U Pipe not supplied for elevating the all -round white light; Just source this at your local hardware or plumbing store for under $10!

You can use the same mount for your Gopro with the GoPro camera adapter. These camera mount available separately at the Jetcast webstore here. We always recommend tethering any accessories to the PWC itself at all times.

PVC pipe and fittings:

See our new 3D Printed Railblaza PVC Pipe Adapter HERE


Simply grab one these Nav Light kits plus a 1-1.5m 32mm PVC-U pipe and pipe adapter from a hardware store or plumbing supplies store and you have the solution. The light fits nicely inside the pipe adapter, and just needs some PVC tape, silicon or other adhesive to ensure it doesn't vibrate loose.

32mm PVC-U pipe fits all rod holders. Use a second pipe adapter and some foam or insulation tape as padding to give a snug fit inside your rod holder. Don't forget to tether the light and pole to your ski when using it! Jetskis are like bucking broncos on some rough water days!

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