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Rusler Deluxe Fishing Reel Cover

Rusler Deluxe Fishing Reel Cover

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Rusler Quality Fishing Reel Cover

(Please note we have very limited stock currently)

Rusler's Reel cover is made from REC Coated Acrylic Canvas for strength and watertightness. Sewn to our own features the Deluxe Reel Cover will comfortably hold a 7000 series reel. The cover wraps around your Rod handle for a tight fit.

It features a Velcro fastening system positioned to ensure maximum effectiveness and comes standard with bungee cord and swivel clip for attachment to your rod holder or chilly bin rocket launcher.

JetSki fishing is notoriously hard on fishing equipment - especially reels so this investment add protection to part of your important equipment...

Ruslers Reel Covers feature a stainless steel `D` rings for securing to your JetSki with the bungee cord supplied.

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