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Railblaza HD Starport Mount

Railblaza HD Starport Mount

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The StarPort HD is a stylish, four screw base mount, which comes with the popular RAILBLAZA locking slide, and is lower in profile than others on the market.

The small size allows mounting directly to the Yamaha FX Series cup holder attachment so that you can use Railblaza accessories such as camera mounts, risers, lights, pivoting mounts etc.

Add the GoPro camera adapter and riser to get the best angles for your video! You'll need to drill the holes to bolt it to the FX removable cup mounting plate, but once attached the mount is very strong and capable! Also can mount easily to any flat surface for a strong hold.

The price is for one Railblaza Starport HD Mount. Other compatible accessories available on this webstore: Camera Mount; 15cm riser; Pivoting arm mount.

Pictured is the view from a Gopro using this mount attached to the cup holder plate on a Yamaha FXHO.

IMPORTANT: Use of petroleum based lubricants on the StarPort slide will cause failure. Silicone based products are best suited (please check contents of lubricant before using).

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