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Jetski Anchor/Dock Tether - FX/VX/EX Yamaha

Jetski Anchor/Dock Tether - FX/VX/EX Yamaha

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JetSki tethers are perfect accessory for every jet ski rider. These strong bungee ropes are designed to all you to:

- Tie your ski safely at the jetty or ramp

- Tow your ski in an emergency

- To connect an anchor to the front tow eye point , and allow you to retrieve it without even getting wet!

We include a 10cm stainless steel Carabiner for fast connection to an anchor rope.

Made to length esepcially for the FX series but also will work for V and EX, these can however be used on any ski. If the length is not quite right to sling over the ski's mirror, attach to another suitable place on the ski where you can reach it or use a clip to hold the tether.

No need to reach underwater or jump overboard use the Tow Eye!

Secure the loop onto the ski tow eye and the light bungee over the ski's mirror to secure in place.

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