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Jetcast Jet Ski Handlebar Storage Bag

Jetcast Jet Ski Handlebar Storage Bag

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The Jetcast Handlebar Storage Bag is especially designed to suit a large range of jet skis, and would suit other vehicles that have handlebars. The adjustable straps allow for the bag to be fitted snuggly around the handlebars and securely fasten.

Designed for carrying anything from fishing tackle, sunscreen, sunglasses, audio speakers, food, or drinks, it also includes a unique internal pocket to hold your valuable mobile phone or GPS unit. The exterior window is made of TPU and allows control via the device's touch screen. This can be useful when using tracking apps, viewing maps, or for use with GPS applications. The internal pocket and window can accomodate the largest mobile phones and their cases! The drain hole is also useful for passing a charge cord through for PWCs that have USB sockets installed.

Although the bag is not designed for total immersion and is only suitable for above-water conditions, the material used is a strong and water repelling polyester with internal PVC coating that keep your valuables as dry as possible from the harshest spray and splashes. If the internal velcro seals and flap are properly closed, a reasonable degree of water tightness can be achieved. If water does manage to get in, there is a drain hole on the bottom. For regular use, cover the drain hole to prevent water intrusion from below.

Dimensions (approx)

30cm x 12cm x 19cm


600 denier PVC

TPU clear window

*The use with mobile phones is at the risk of the user. We make no claims of the bag being totally waterproof. Please protect your electronics from water damage at all times.

Pictured above are the bags on several different model skis.. These include:

- Yamaha FX, VX, and EX series

- Seadoo GTI, GTR, Fishpro, and Spark

All pricing mentioned is $AUD.

INTERNATIONAL POSTAGE AVAILABLE: USA, Canada, New Zealand. From $24 AUD Please email for exact postage rates to your location.

Trade enquiries welcome.

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