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Highest Quality Stainless Landing Net

Highest Quality Stainless Landing Net

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If you want a landing net to last, this is it! This is an all stainless steel Landing Net and is the professionals choice for Jetski or boat fishing.

  • 1500mm circumference s/s oval frame with our new rubber braid net bag material sewn to depth of 650-700mm\
  • Mounted on 625mm stainless steel 25.1mm diameter handle with two grip positions. This allows for greater leverage and control when landing a larger fish.
  • The second grip position also acts as a protection against wear when placed into the rod holder.
  • The solid stainless steel ring at the juncture of the frame and handle enables the attachment of the bungee to ensure your net will not be lost over board in rough conditions. It can also be used to store away the access net bag material between fishing locations.
  • FIVE year manufacturer's warranty.
  • Replacement net bags are easily fitted.
  • The robust bungee cord incorporating a #316 snap hook at each end is included as standard with each all stainless steel JetSki Net.
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