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Complete Fish Pro Starter Bundle

Complete Fish Pro Starter Bundle

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Required Sounder Cover

Fish Pro Starter Bundle- Your complete kit!


Equip your new fishing chariot with all the necessary items:


- 1 x Rusler Sounder Cover for 62/65 or 72/75 (Trophy) Garmin units $110

- 4 x Jetcast Reel Covers ($33 ea)

- 2 x Rusler Rod Wraps Large diameter ($21.95 ea)

- 2 x Rusler Rod Wraps Small diameter ($19.95 ea)

- 2 x Jetcast Stainless Steel Tethers ($16.50 ea)

- 2 x Rusler Quality Bungee tethers ($29.50 ea)

- 1 x Rusler Fish Pro Saddle Bag ($95)

Over $500


This pack offers most of the essentials for your first serious fishing trip! But if the pack isn't exactly what you want, get in touch and we'll create the one you need!

You can specify blue or black for all covers.

More info:

Sounder Covers Fish Pro (Garmin 62/65)

Sounder Covers Trophy (Garmin 72/75)

Reel Covers

Rod Wraps Large

Rod Wraps Small

Saddle Bags

Bungee Tethers

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