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Baitmate Live Bait Rigging Starter Kit

Baitmate Live Bait Rigging Starter Kit

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The Rusler Live Bait Speed Rigging Tool is now available.


Want to catch bigger fish? Have you tried live bait?


The Rusler Baitmate is desighed to make your life easier- and prolong the life of your live baits!

The Starter Kit gives you everything you need to rig your live baits better.


You will need to connect the darts to the swivels using your own dacron, braid, or other material. We decided to leave the kit unrigged so that you can set the length to suit your own needs for livey and hook sizes!


The Baitmate Starter Kit:


- Stainless applicator tool

- 5 stanless steel darts

- 10 plastic darts

- 10 swivels with o-rings


This is one of the fastest ways to attach hooks to live bait. The benefits include:

- Fast and simple

- Live bait is less affected and will live longer

- Can be tailored to fit live bait of almost any size using bigger hooks, and shorter or longer dacron to swivel

- Offers better hook exposure

- darts can be re-used many time as they are very robust


Watch the video above to see how fast and easy it is to rig!


A boon to all Live Bait enthusiasts. From Game fishing to Kingies to Snapper!


Replacement Darts and Swivels:

Swivel with O-Ring Pack

Plastic dart Pack

Stainless Steel Dart Pack

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