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Railblaza Mounts for Seadoo

Railblaza Mounts for Seadoo

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Railblaza Mounts

These are suitable for the Seadoo 2018/2021 GTX , RXTX, and of course the mighty Fish Pro!

3D printed and super strong, plus easy on the eye! They won't damage your ski either!

Suitable for mounting Railblaza accessories like GoPro mounts, Railblaza Red/Green Nav Lights, and extension mounts (all optional)

Price is for 1 x Seadoo RB Mount with Railblaza Starport base only.

(Railblaza risers, nav lights, camera mounts, and other accessories not included)

Simple Fitting: Remove the 2 screws from the front hatch and insert this bracket. It's a 2 minute job!

Great way to mount a Railblaza Nav lights or a Gopro camera .

Comes completely ready to fit with bracket and RAILBLAZA mounting port.

(Please note Nav lights, risers, and Gopro mounts not included.)

Please note this is not suitable for mounting heavy objects such as rod holders or extension boom poles.

***For your Gopro camera or other expensive accessories, we strongly suggest using a tether between the camera/accessory and the jetski itself. Railblaza locking clips may become loose after repeated use, and vibration while riding may unlock your accessory at the worse possible time! Always check that the accessory is securely fastened, the Railblaza locking clips are engaged correctly, and always use a tether. There are small holes near the base of the this mount to allow you to attach an additional tether. A special action camera (Gopro) tether is available in this shop

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