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Fish Pro "Trophy" Sounder Cover (Garmin 72/74/75cv model)

Fish Pro "Trophy" Sounder Cover (Garmin 72/74/75cv model)

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All Sounders are prone to sun strike and water intrusion when mounted on jetskis. The head unit is removable on the Sea-doo Trophy's Garmin 72/74/75cv sounder, and it is at the multipin connection points where they are most vulnerable. This due to the force that water can hit these sounders in everyday riding on the sea. This cover made especially for this unique fishing craft, and is a proven to stop most of the water getting onto the vulnerable points.

There are sunhoods for Sounders on the market already, but these do nothing to protect your valuable electronics from the saltwater. Take the step up and maximise the life and re-sale value of your expensive Fish Finder/Sounder!

Your Fish Finder/Sounder is your eyes on the sea bottom -and your navigator. Saltwater can penerate these units through normal usage, as the positioning on a jetski or open boat puts them directly in the path of spray and waves. As well, seeing the screen is difficut at times due with the sun falling directly on the screen.

These covers are designed to keep as much water as possible off the unit and out of direct sun, protecting your expensive hi-tech equipment from the ravages of sun and saltwater.

Made from a waterproof canvas, Jetcast's "Rusler" Protective cover wraps around the Seadoo Fish Pro's sounder enclosure for a comfortable snug fit that also protects the electronic connectors.

The cover also features a stainless steel wire infused visor, and side panes for strength and shape adjustment. The generous size of the visor peak provides maximum shade protection against sun strike making optimum screen viewing from all angles all day long.

The velcro straps afford an adjustable tightening system for added security.

Interational buyers: please enquire and we can get a quote based on your location.

We aim to deliver a quality product in the shortest amount of time to you. We have successfully delivered to several countries, so buy with confidence.

**Please note these covers do not make your sounder “waterproof”! They do however go a long way to minimising the chance of saltwater spray or splash making it onto the sounder unit. No warranty is implied or given for the electronic unit when using the covers.**

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