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  • Jetcast Shore Anchor System
  • Jetcast Shore Anchor System

Jetcast Shore Anchor System

GST Included

Jetcast Shore Anchor system


This anchor is designed for use in shallow water, at the beach, or at the ramp.  Designed to keep your ski off the sand and minimise any damage to the underside of the hull at rocky beaches, or damage to your valuable sounder transducer! 


You can  also detach the anchor rope easily and just use the chain and anchor to secure your ski at the ramp to eliminate any fear of it floating away off the sand while you retrieve your car!


All the basics are supplied. The kit is designed to suit any PWC to be anchored in water 3m or less, and low current (<2knots).


The depth of water you can use the kit can be increased by purchasing additional nylon anchor rope from any chandlery store. However, additional holding power for stronger currents and deeper water will likely require the larger Cooper black anchor.


Comes complete with:


  • Cooper Blue Sand Anchor
  • 1.5m galv chain covered with protective mesh
  • Stainless Steel D Shackle
  • 6m nylon rope spliced ends, wth bungee tie
  • 2 x 10cm SS caribiner, yellow float


As with any product, please use within the limits as described above. This kit as supplied is not designed for deep water use, use on reef structures, or use in currents in excess of 2 knots. Always anchor your PWC from the front tow hook only.

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