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We're passionate watercraft owners who push the limits of fishing. We want to pass on our love of the sport with videos, articles, tutorials, and training.  We offer advice, tips, and the products that will enhance your own experience on the water. 

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Intro to Jetski Fishing- ALF PodcastArtist Name
00:00 / 47:39

Listen to the Australian Lure Fishing Podcast for an interview with Paul Hayes who discusses many topics around Jetski Fishing:

jet ski fishing

Listen to the On The Deck Podcast: John Didge, Steve Patterson and Tony Warren are off to Queensland to have a chat with Paul Hayes, a man with a serious passion for JetSki fishing.

On the Deck podcast Ep 7 2021 Paul HayesOn The Deck Podcast
00:00 / 40:03
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